Prue Carrico
Prue earned a Bachelor of Science in Education degree as an art specialist at Capital University in Columbus, Ohio. She has combined her instructional skills and artistic talents into a career rich in flavor and diversity. Having lived and traveled extensively abroad, Prue is able to tap an abundant variety of cultures and environments for subject matter, based on personal observation. Her specialty is exquisite inkwork, which makes her art quite distinctive. She also uses other media to depict the beauty of nature and to capture scenes that can evoke special memories for the viewer.

Prue has taught adult drawing and painting classes at venues in several states, including the Hawai’i State Art Museum in Honolulu, and the Huntsville Museum of Art in Alabama. The focus of her Florida studio covers coastal scenes, tropical flora, Art Deco structures, plus custom home portraits. She has been an Art member of Pen Women branches in Arizona, Hawai’i, Alabama, and Florida. Offices she has held are Membership Chair, Honolulu; Vice-President and President, Huntsville, and National Recording Secretary and Second Vice-President, Florida State Association.


Elaine Bossik 


Elaine Bossik is a novelist and screenwriter. Her debut novel, The Last Victim, is a literary romance about a family dominated by a mother obsessed with hoarding money. Elaine writes articles on for aspiring screenwriters. After receiving BA and MS degrees from Brooklyn College in NY, she pursued multiple careers – teacher, advertising copywriter, magazine editor, and medical writer. She blogs on her Web site, and on


1st VICE PRESIDENT, Programs

Dr. Brenda Dressler
Brenda Dressler, PhD, a Human Sexuality and HIV/AIDs Prevention educator, is a visiting professor/consultant at Touro College in New York City during the summer months. In addition to writing seven HIV/AIDS Prevention Education curricula for grades K-6, that were published and used in schools in 48 states, she was awarded ten research grants and continues to present at conferences. In the summer of 2010, Brenda taught a workshop on Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Education at the Hebrew University in Israel. She also taught HIV/AIDS Prevention in Uganda at Kampala University Treatment Centers and in primary and secondary schools. Currently, Brenda is writing a book, Sex Beyond 60: Myths and Facts.

2nd Vice President, Membership

Sheila Firestone

Sheila Firestone is a composer, holds a M.S. Ed degree, is the Music Chair of the Boca Raton NLAPW since 2003, and was Branch President from 2014  to 2018.  As a Delian Society member, Sheila’s orchestral works were performed in Seattle WA, France, England, and Japan. Sheila’s Trio and Dance was performed in Washington DC. Her choral work, Abraham Lincoln, was published in the NLAPW, Happy Birthday, Mr. Lincoln Commemorative Collage.

In 2016 Sheila won 2nd Place in the National Vinnie Ream Music Competition. Sheila was Patroness President of the University of Miami Music Fraternity (1996-2005), which dedicated annual concerts to her works. She founded Songs for a New Day, publishing whole-language songs and activities.  Web site:


Lea Hope Becker

Lea Hope Becker is a licensed attorney and tax preparer who has been writing and publishing books since 2008.  She has five titles currently on Amazon, three memoirs and two recent full-length books, which she describes as “novels laced with humor.”  She also composes poems which tell of the joys and frustrations of her various life experiences.  She holds a law degree and bachelor’s degree from De Paul University in Chicago.

Dayle Herstik

Dayle Herstik has been writing since her teens. Her collection of poems, When We Were Perfect, reflects her thoughts and feelings which evolved over the years. Her collection of flash fiction, Life Happens, is based on her true life experiences. She is presently working on her next publication based on her philosophy of life as it relates to nature. It can be said that she was influenced by her mother, Ruth Grande Halle, who was a member of the Boca Raton Branch of Pen Women.


Dr. Barbara Lunde
As founder and director of the Center for Spiritual Living, Boca Raton, Dr. Barbara Lunde has been a spiritual leader in South Florida since 1981. She is best known for her inspiring, uplifting and life-changing lectures. She is a gifted orator and teacher. Her recognizable voice from her frequent radio broadcasts on spirituality and positive living have been heard throughout the country. Dr. Barbara has delivered thousands of lectures and inspirational messages over the years and continues to this day, empowering everyone lucky enough to hear her speak.


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